Introducing: Omega2

Documentation Wiki

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The Documentation portion of the Onion Wiki contains information released by Onion on anything technical related to the Omega. This can include anything from information about the latest firmware, to basic information regarding the hardware, to libraries created for Omega expansions.

Firmware Change-log

A detailed rundown of changes in each firmware version:

Hardware Documentation


A run-down of the Omega's technical specs and features, as well as an introduction to the Reset Button, the GPIOs, and connectivity interfaces

Pin-out Diagrams for the Omega and Expansion Dock:

Electrical Schematics

Electrical schematics for the Omega, Docks, and Expansions:

Technical Drawings

Engineering drawings outlining the dimensions of the Omega and Expansions:

Onion Library Documentation

Documentation of the use of any Libraries written by the Onion team: